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Jennie Cole MSc

'The Impact of the Financial Economic Crisis on Management Ethics in Educational Institutions in the Public Sector'

Worcester University 2012



During qualitative research into the policy of change, Cole (2011), public sector employees’ perceptions indicated increased unethical practice and management failings to implement change with integrity, particularly during times of crisis management.

This paper specifically focuses on informing readers of current practice in change management, rather than considerations of published change management theoretical models, although theorist elements are discussed within the Literature Review. Five case studies focus on manager’s perceptions of their management of change, rather than employee viewpoints. A sixth case study examines the findings from an employment tribunal. The emphasis is on actions taken (some successful and some costly), to implement change during financial instability, caused by Government funding cuts during the current economic financial crisis.

Further quantitative research would be required to substantiate or contradict the findings as national statistics on public sector employment tribunals are not currently identifiable. At present Government uses Ofsted qualitative judgments to assess capabilities of leaders and managers in publicly funded institutions rather than quantifiable evidence that could evaluate and measure their compliance with Employment Law. Further enquiry could lead to changes in Government policy with regard to monitoring of ethical practices by leaders and managers in publicly funded educational establishments.



My thanks must go initially to the colleges and particularly those individuals who kindly agreed to give their time to participate in this study with such openness, honesty and agreement to the publication of the findings.

Thanks are also due to:

The Worcester University students whose thoughts, discussion and inspirational debate on current management practice initiated this study;

My Change Management tutor, Leela Cubillo, who inspired and encouraged reflection and highlighted the importance of active listening;

My supervisor, Karima Kadi-Haniffi, who supervised my efforts and encouraged me to complete this dissertation;

Jenny Harvey for kindly proof reading this dissertation not once but twice!

And last but certainly not least, to David Cole, Christine Brockman and Tina Tilmouth for motivating me throughout the last two years.


Jennifer Cole, July 2012



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